The Umbrella Approach

What is the Umbrella Approach?

It’s a method to analyse, plan and execute property decisions tailored to your specifications, giving you a property you can hold, come rain or shine.

How it works

We Protect Your Interest Through Financial Clarity & Planning

Set your goals, identifying you and your loved one’s needs and requirements.

Calculate your accessible funds (Cash, CPF, Monthly income, LTV, MSR, TDSR, Outstanding loans, etc)

Get most competitive rates for home loans(HDB, Private Banks, Mortgage Brokers, etc)

Check your required down payment

Compile and analyse your current and future finances and risk(upkeep, wants, needs and borrowability)

Assist in getting in-principal approval for loan

We Protect Your Options Through Market Tracking, Analysis & Insights

Curate and shortlist developments with the best value and potential

Spot units in realtime (for newly launched condominium projects)

Identify best entry prices

Plan exit strategy and advise on holding period

We Protect Your Asset Through Contingency & Estate Planning

Compare and recommend Mortgage Reducing Term Assurance (MRTAs) or other mortgage insurance plans.

Suggest trusted and reliable conveyance lawyers or solicitors if required

Ensure sustainability of future payments with a budget buffer and rainy day pocket


I’ve reached MOP, now what?

Looking to Buy or Invest in Real Estate?

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